When I was a child, my mom always told me I would know when I found “The One.”

She said this in pensive tone with a knowing look in her eye: “Oh, Suzanne, you’ll know.”

I didn’t believe her, as I often didn’t about much of anything. But of course, as mothers are, she was right.

When I moved to Raleigh three years ago, I didn’t have much dating or relationship experience. I came here, tried on a few pairs of jeans, including one year-long relationship with a man. But the entire time we were together, I never felt that connection with him, that THING. He taught me many things about myself, but clearly wasn’t The One.

Soon, Kevin and I celebrate our one-year anniversary. I’ve known he was The One since our first month together.

More than one of my friends has suggested to me that for this blog to live and keep growing in readership, I should start making stuff up.

“No one wants to read about your perfectly happy, content relationship,” they say.

Maybe they’re right. No drama to entertain you with this week, that’s for sure.

I started this blog to deal with being dumped twice within a few months. It gave me a new perspective on being single: the fun side. Going to The Men’s Club, trying speed dating, kissing random guys — all good for the aching heart and fun reading for others.

But things have changed, and I have no desire to  sell out and write fiction just to bump my numbers. Sure, I could turn this into a relationship blog, and to some extent, that’s what this has become.  But I find myself interested in writing about other topics. I want to keep blogging, but not here under my pseudonym.

This blog has taught me a lot about myself, but it isn’t The One.

I read an article last year by a social media guru called “Five Signs It’s Time to Kill Your Blog.” I think I’ve hit most of those. He’s had several blogs, and his advice was “know when to quit and move on.”

Thanks for reading, sharing and caring with me for the past year and a half.

Those of you who know me know where to find me. If you don’t know me, but want to keep following me on my new blog, send me an email: singlesuzanne@gmail.com.