Fascinating, really. The mysteries of dating and relationships all in 140 characters or less. Here is a random sampling of some recent Twitter talk on dating:

  • So ummmmm afta much deliberation I’ve decided to start dating white boys…..#random
  • Relationships are just fun and rainbows until you have to set up ground rules :/
  • Not necessarily! There are some relationships that can be pure Disney!
  • Glenwood south is the jersey shore of Raleigh.
  • He’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. (Note from Suzanne: This sounds like a set up for failure — what?– he’s not the best boyfriend in the world?)
  • #sexlocations the stairs in the parking deck downtown raleigh (Ahem, really? The stairs? Ew.)

Twi-Tip has an interesting take on twitter dating: don’t tweet where you eat.

Downtown Raleigh Live Work Play has a list of some V-day events, though most are focused on restaurant specials.

I once dated a guy I met on Twitter.

Yep. That was me. If you search “Twitter dating service” you get a lot of tweets about how Twitter is NOT and had better not turn into such a service.

Such as: #deleteyouraccount if you use if as a dating im here to tweet not try to tlk to ya monkey lookin ass!

Um, ok. I agree it’s not a dating service. But hey, it is an open place to meet people. And I met someone, completely by accident. I follow various people in the Raleigh area, and he said something funny one day. So I sent him a flirty DM.

It would have made a great story, “How We Met On Twitter,”  but we weren’t a good match and two months later he turned out to be the jerk I call Darren. I guess we can’t all be Cinderella like Gwen Bell. (Definitely read her story.)

I’ll be the first person to tell you I don’t have a clue about online dating (only speed dating). I was about to try it last spring, for this blog and for the adventure of it, when I began dating Kevin.

However, a lot of you out there are making a New Year’s resolution to find some love in 2010. Online dating is a possibility. And more adults are trying it, at least according to this article. So I’ve taken it upon myself to check out some of the Twitter dating services.

I signed up for each service that I could find and checked them out. Of course, I’m not looking for a date, so this is based on the following factors: ease of use; cool features number of users/apparent likelikhood of finding a date, appearance/format.

If you see one I missed, please let me know. Rankings are on a 1-to-5 scale:
1=Don’t waste your time
2=Only if you’re bored
3=Might be worth a shot, but don’t get your hopes up.
4=Give it a try if the others don’t work.
5=Definitely worth checking out (more…)

It’s always strange to run into or communicate with someone with whom you went out on a sort-of date, but rejected.

Recently I received an electronic communication from my non-date date that occurred back in January, when I was really fresh from my last breakup. He and I were twitter friends, so I figured why not add him to my LinkedIn profile? Especially since our encounter was a non-date.

Here was his response, which I assume is tongue-in-cheek:

“I don’t normally link up with just anyone on this site, but since you are so insanely beautiful I figured I had better. What’s new with you? I hope you’re doing well and thinking of me. ❤ ❤ <3.”

It’s good to be loved, I guess. And who couldn’t use a compliment?

Have you ever had any strange experiences with non-exes?

by RoninVision/Flickr

by RoninVision/Flickr

I was brunching recently with some ladies from my girls’ meetup group, sharing tales from my recent dates, when one of them asked how I’ve gotten so many dates lately.

So here are a few suggestions. I make no guarantees that any of these will lead you to the man of your dreams, but the main thing tying all of these together is the social factor. All of these offer a way to be out there. You won’t meet anyone cute sitting on your couch at home every night — unless you’re into 16-year-old pizza delivery boys. (more…)

So I heard from Cody this week. He’s the guy I met through a friend at the Ess Lounge.

He waited the requisite two full days before contacting me to ask me out “sometime.” There’s just one problem – he contacted me on Facebook.

Now as we all know thanks to the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” this seems like, well, he might not be that into me. I give the guy my digits and he can’t be bothered to call?

Had this happened to me a few years ago, I might have played it off. My inside intel informs me that he’s shy. Maybe he’s just trying to play it cool. Blah blah, whatever.

One could also argue that in this electronic age, what’s wrong with using Facebook, Twitter or any other means to contact someone? Why bother with the phone?

But, that’s all crap, really. I’m wise enough to know better, but frankly, I just don’t care that much. I’m not that into HIM. But you never know and I’m single and lovin’ it. So I think I’m going to go. I mean, why not? What do you think?

Would you go out with a guy who asked you on Facebook or by some similar method?
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