After her taste test on the three bowls of porridge, Goldilocks was tired.

The problem with speed dates, as I’ve said, is it tuns dating into a business venture. As a friend of mine recently told me, “You’re making it like work. When it’s right, these things just happen.”

I agree with that. The boyfriends I’ve had “just happened.” And my disinterest in Ryan (Friday’s date) was confirmed recently when talking to a new acquaintance because I realized we’ve hit it off and now I have an itsy bitsy crush on him. I didn’t mean to —  it just happened.

“Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” – Agatha Christie

I read that quote recently and it struck me because it made me think about the healing process after a breakup. I feel like I’m over my exes at this point. But I’m not sure I’m ready for another boyfriend. So maybe my pickiness about guys right now has more to do with not wanting to give up my single life than actually disliking these guys.

I still haven’t had a date with bachelor No. 3, Craig. But maybe I should be at least as smart as a dog and retreat for awhile. It’s not as if I live in constant search of a guy; it’s just that I went speed dating and figured I might as well follow through on the three dates I snagged for myself.

But maybe Goldilocks needs to quit sampling porridge (hey, at least I’m not sampling beds while I’m at it) and just go for a walk.

Then again, this new acquaintance (who happens to have dark hair and dimples, damn) has my number…


Confession: I have a secret crush on a friend of mine.

It’s mild, like a salsa that has just a bit of tang in the middle of your sampling. But I can’t help but think of him a little bit each day. He’s one of those people everyone likes (especially women) and he has a naturally flirtatious manner. Therefore, I try not to read too much into his comments – even though I’m reduced to a giggling teenage schoolgirl when I speak with him.

Still, I don’t believe in dating friends. Actually, that’s not true. Many successful couples I know started off as “just friends” and become something more after some drunken make-out session. But, aside from inebriated birthday kisses, how does one successful manage that transition? Broaching the subject could ruin the friendship.

This makes me think about my first crush, in third grade. Casey had deep blue eyes, lots of freckles and short brown hair with a few curls sitting on his forehead. I thought he was the dreamiest boy in my tiny world.

That crush didn’t go well. My brother, having gleaned my intense infatuation from my diary, played a very mean trick on me. He wrote a note, pretending it was from Casey, professing feelings for me. I got all blushy and excited and nearly went down the street to tell Casey that I liked him, too.

Luckily, my mom intervened.

Sometimes a crush is more fun when it’s a secret.