Months ago, I was asking a girlfriend of mine if she had any “Tool of the Week” boys for me. Here is how our chat went:

Girl with Tool Belt: Well where do I even begin?  Haha.
Suzanne (me):  The ex who texted you to hook up? Or was there another one?

TB:  Well we’ve got Jake who is just a giant tool in general, then we’ve got Campbell, who I caught planning his next relationship via gmail while we were still dating… and later hooked up with my biggest enemy in my bed on a spring break trip.  Real Winner. And then we’ve got Tom, god bless his poor little heart who asked if he could come visit AND mentioned he’s breaking up with his gf in the same convo.
TB: I also left out the one I called the police on, and the one who slept with his male roommate after we broke up.

I found this conversation among some blog notes the other day, and I laughed so hard my sides hurt. I’m not laughing at my friend, of course. She’s happy with a non-Tool now, but it’s just amazing what jerks some guys are. (Not that we women don’t have our share of tool moments.)

I haven’t done any Tool of the Week stories lately, but if you have one, feel free to share!