I was so naive about sex. Totally clueless.

I read about procreation in a children’s book at the library when I was six years old. But when it came to the finer points — you mean women have orgasms, too? — I had to piece the details together from TV, movies, my older brothers, classmates, friends and a discovered dirty magazine (or two).

So I find it fascinating that some parents in Ames, Iowa are putting the kibosh on what sounds like educational reading material.

Here’s the article in the Ames Tribune.

Sex, Etc. is apparently a magazine written for teens by teens. It’s organized by Answer, a national sexuality organization at Rutgers University. It’s got the 411 on the stuff teens whisper about in the bathroom.

According to the library director: “We get this journal Sex, Etc. to provide authoritative information that teens would likely be curious about.”

Like, duh. I also recently read an article that says adolescent girls 15 to 19 years had the most chlamydia and gonorrhea cases of any age group. Maybe we should give these people some information before they tell each other that you can’t get STDs from oral sex or that condoms work 100 percent of the time. Who is going to tell them, their parents?

The parents aren’t like, totally against the magazine, but they don’t want it offered free out in the open. Yeah, we need to keep sex hidden away in the closet so that no one finds out about it. If they think it’s something only adults do, there is no way they’re going to want to try it, right?

[insert teenage roll of the eyes here]

Not every teen is as shy as the 13-year-old Suzanne. If these parents try to keep the legs closed on this magazine and hope that makes things better, they’re more clueless than I was.