When I first met this girl, she seemed ok. She was sitting a table with my usual crew at Landmark, dressed well and chatting with the peeps.

But something seemed off. At first, I thought it was just the new, especially female, face in my group of friends. Maybe I was just being territorial.

So I swallowed a chill pill and started to ask her about herself. Maybe she could be my new gal pal.

Within the first two minutes, she began to gush about her 21-year-old boyfriend, and how he had wooed her so far in their three-week relationship. He drew her a bubble bath, brought her Chinese food when she canceled with the flu on their second date. She’s 25, so began chatting about the age gap and how so far, no worries.

I’m just starting to think she might be kinda cool … a bit flighty, but cool.

But not 20 minutes later, within two minutes of introducing herself to our friend Mark, she’s sitting in his lap. She’s laughing and smiling and putting her face pretty close to his. Um, ok.

I support women who are free to be. This is 2009 and if girl wants to flirt, so be it. I get the deets later from Mark, who got her digits. He has no plans to call her, because she continued to drop the “boyfriend” word into his lap.

Ah, so she’s a free flirter. Open love, baby. But as she flitted from lap to another conversation and then flighted back over to my buddy Paul, I found myself annoyed with this girl.

Am I getting old? Or am I right to find this irritating?