After a lovely weekend with Kevin, my bank account is feeling the pinch. When I was single earlier this year, I pondered that it was cheaper (at least for me) to be in a relationship.

Not true. At least, not this time. Frank, the guy I dated for a year here in Raleigh, was older, established, and had a few bucks in his pocket. He pretty much paid for everything when we went out. Insisted on it.


by Noellium

Now, I’m dating someone my age, and like me, he’s working hard to save, buy new toys (we both want new laptops), pay off debt, plan a trip or two and eventually not be forced  to drink PBR when you really want the Saison Dupont.

In these economic times, Kevin and I have cut back on the drinking all together, pinching a few pub pennies in favor of staying home.

Apparently, single people are, too. At least according  to this story in the Economist. Granted, it’s a British publication, but hey, it’s a global society so don’t knock my references. Anyway, online dating has hit a surge, and they theorize the recession has something to do with that.

Online dating gets you past the job-hobby-past history without blowing $80 on drinks and dinner — at least that’s the idea. Then again, you’re forced to online date.

Singles or couples: are you finding ways to cut back on the cost of the dating game?