couples2When I was single, I loved smurfin’ it. There’s nothing more flattering and ego-boosting than being a single female hanging out with a bunch of male friends. You’re the sole proprietor of female advice. They’ve got no other attention to vie for.

For those who haven’t been reading this blog long, I was friends with Kevin and this group before he and I began dating.

So now we still all hang out, get drinks on weekends and generally do fun stuff. Only one other man in the group has a girlfriend, so sometimes I’m smurfin’ it, sometimes not. But it’s less fun now. Now, I wish the guys in the group had more female friends to bring in.

Why? Good question.

Lately, I yen to hang out with another couple. Is that odd?

I think my interest in hanging with couples is to get some female company without leaving Kevin at home. Right now, I go see the girls without him, or we hang out with our main group of friends. The trick is finding a couple you both get along with. My girls have boyfriends, but the men don’t have a ton to talk about.

On my meetup listings recently, I noticed that there is a new couples meetup group in the area.

Although I’m a big proponent of meetup groups and their advantages when it comes to making real-life friends, I wasn’t sure about this idea.

I asked Kevin if he would be down with going to that sometime. He said he’d give it a try, but I haven’t set that up yet. It’d be like going into a room full of new possible dates. “Hi, we’re a couple seeking a couple to hang out with.”

Would you ever attend a couples meetup event? Do you hang out with other couples?