I got lazy. I admit it.


By choupigloupi

I have an idea about a funny blog post — Signs You’re Becoming a Spinster.

This sparked my brain after a woman on Twitter said she felt like she was becoming a spinster because of all the Anne Gedes baby-in-tub pictures in her cubicle. I laughed.

But I’m just not feeling very funny today.  So I need your help. Here are three. Can you help me come up with a sign that you, the single female OR MALE, might be staying in too much?

5. The people at Harris Teeter are starting to say hi to by name because you’re at the Red Box every night.

4. You have a lot of Anne Geddes baby-in-tub pictures in your cubicle/house.

3. The two men you see the most are Ben & Jerry … and that guy at the ice cream counter who serves you the cones.

What is the male term for spinster anyway?