Note to Self: Kevin is a guy.

Yes, I know. Big duh. But guys (generally) have very different ideas about what is habitable and what’s not.


by C1ssou

This much was clear as we toured the first two-bedroom cottage together. It was in the historic Oakwood neighborhood of Raleigh, a dream location.

I love old houses; I grew up in one. But this, this was too much. The saggy hallway floor had the heating intake grate unavoidably in front of the bathroom, meaning we’d have to walk over the metal barefoot on a regular basis. Tiny, poorly insulated windows did little to let in light to each room, but I could feel the drafts.

The kitchen had one of those mini-stove/ovens that barely holds a cookie sheet. Fine when I lived in a studio in college. Not fine when I’m going to be cooking a Christmas turkey for my parents this year. And overall it had a forgotten, sad feeling.

Great fixer-upper if he and I want to buy. Not a great rental.

“So seriously? Not at all?” he asked when we finished the inspection.

I looked at him. “Seriously? You want to live there?”


Random Oakwood House/by Suzie T.

“It’s old, Suzanne. It’s Oakwood.”

“Yes, but there renovated places to be had as well. Or at least something in better shape than that.”

Of course, I’m right. And after two more houses, we found one! Two bedrooms, a yard, parking, a big kitchen and living room, and a deck, plus a new washer-dryer. Very cute, well renovated house downtown. SCORE!

We were all set to sign the papers when Fate intervened, and we got a call back from a guy to look at another place.

Ladies and gentlemen … we have a winner! This one has two bedrooms AND two bathrooms. Tiny yard, which means less mowing (fine with me!), a deck AND a grill, plus mondo storage space. And it’s closer to downtown, which rocks.

The rooms aren’t big, so I think I’m kissing my king-sized bed dream goodbye, but it’s very cute and the landlord seems like an awesome guy.

We move at the end of the month!

Now, who wants to help?