I pedaled frantically, but I could not keep up with Kevin on a bicycle. I waved for him to go ahead … the 3 p.m. deadline was nearing and we had to get more clues.   ring_box

Red-faced and sweaty, I continued biking at a steady pace, watching him weave in and out of traffic on Wilmington Street.

When I arrived at the history museum, I found him standing near the statues. He’d gotten the answer, and had another clue for us. And off we went on our bikes again.

The Bailey’s Scavenger hunt for the ring was AWESOME!

Kevin and I competed Saturday with at least 1,000 people for a $20,000 ring. If you saw people running around downtown in red “Bailey’s” shirts, that was us.

They used a texting service to organize it, which meant we signed up with our phones and received text message clues, directing us to a location in downtown Raleigh. First, we had to answer correctly with the location. Then we were given at least one, sometimes two other clues about that spot. Most of them were historical spots around Raleigh – the ones you see with plaques by the road. The governor’s mansion, Shaw University, the Haywood House.

Generally, you had to be there to know the answer.

We had to get as many answers as we could by 3 p.m. when the competition ended. After competing in the not-so-organized Raleigh Typhoon this year, he and I were thrilled about how easy, fun and fair this was.

Even if I worked my ass off on a bike to do it.

Along the way, we saw many angry couples. Women screaming, “Get over here NOW!” to their partners. Dejected looking couples standing with maps on corners, arguing about which way to find Hargett Street.

Kevin and I are near-experts on downtown, so we knew a lot of them without going, and when we went, we knew where to be.

Which is probably how we scored in the top 10! No, we did not win the ring.

But our consolation prize of Hurricanes’ tickets is just fine. I would do this again. And we learned that we can be competitive together and still remain happy afterward.

That’s a prize worth more than any jewelry.