OMG! Tomorrow I MIGHT be the proud owner of a very expensive ring from Bailey’s Fine Jewelery. ring_box

Most women spend years looking for a ring — and the man who is going to get down on one knee and pull out the tiny black box with that ring inside.

But my ring hunt is going to be a little different. It’s a scavenger hunt in downtown Raleigh. To even get in, Kevin and I to register and explain why we were worthy of running all over downtown looking for a shiny piece of compressed overpriced carbon inside a black-and-white striped Bailey box.

Did I mention that piece of carbon is worth $20,000?

Apparently the clues are given out via text message and the first one to find the box gets to keep it and the diamond inside!!!

My fellowship of the ring — that’s Kevin and I for you non-geeks — know a LOT about downtown, so we’re very excited about this. And no, if we win, that won’t make us officially engaged.

But hell, for a ring like that I’d marry Frodo.