This blog is often about relationships. Our relationship with the planet is a big one.

world_earth_106863_tnsToday, I’m straying from topic, because it’s Blog Action Day. On this day each year, bloggers can volunteer to devote their space to a particular topic.  This year’s topic is Climate Change. I agreed to participate, because I’m a big fan of improving the way humans live on the planet.

I will always argue to recycle if you can. I will also tell you to turn off lights you’re not using, and to switch out those old bulbs for more efficient ones. But even though I personally like to tell others how to be more green, I don’t want to stand on a soapbox and preach about this.

So I will just say this. 

I have a shy guy friend – the one who found his courage below the belt. Well, actually, I know several shy guys, hence the reason I’m usually smurfin’ it with six guys downtown at Landmark or Times or the Bee.

But as I keep telling them and any single ladies I meet, you’ll never get anywhere sitting back and being a wallflower. If Kevin had never summoned his courage and asked me out, we wouldn’t have discovered the awesomeness we have.

He took action. It’s as simple as that. I’m not going to argue science about emissions, or run on about riding the bus (which you can do in the Triangle), but if you want to take action, there are many events in our area on Oct. 24 for Day of Climate Action. Check that out below.

Or hell, just change one of your light bulbs and throw that pop can in a bin instead of the trash for a change.

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