I rolled my eyes at Kevin the other night. The milk in his fridge had gone bad, and I was planning to eat a snacktime bowl of cereal. He says his milk has always lasted until the stamped date – in this case Oct. 20. He looked at me as if my sniffer had gone bad. I dumped the milk. milk_sour_104871_tns

I admit I sounded irritated about it. Later, I realized it was the closest we’d come to getting cranky with each other – ever – in six months. Wow.

I could sit here and complain about how annoying men can be. Doesn’t he trust me to say the milk is gross? I obviously have superior smelling skills.

I could brag about how lucky I am that we’ve still never had a real argument yet about anything.

But that same day in the news I heard some people marched to bring awareness to domestic violence homicides.  Apparently there have been four in Wake County this year.

I also saw an item about a military spouse whose play on abuse is coming to Fayetteville State University’s Seabrook Auditorium, Oct. 31.

The play, “Women Shoptalk While Real Men Wait” is by Carolyn Louise Herring Moore, a playwright from Colorado Springs, Colo.

According to the Fort Bragg article on it:

The woman she sees in her bleaker yesterdays is unrecognizable to her now, almost a stranger. For one, her fear is gone and there is strength in its place. She is outgoing again and pursuing dreams that for so long an abusive husband kept frozen in a life of total control and violence. What’s more, she’s doing her part to help people in the community suffering or recovering from domestic violence.

“Women Shoptalk While Real Men Wait” tells the story of Moore’s 10-year-long relationship with a controlling and abusive man. It details not only how she was affected, but how her entire Family and community were impacted by the violence.

There are women out there with real problems. Abuse is a serious issue. Women — and men — every day out there suffer abuse.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

I’m not always serious on this blog, and I know this isn’t  a fun topic, but it just got me thinking about sour milk.

If that’s the worst taste I have to deal with, it’s not such a bad deal.