I’ve got a confession to make.

But it’s embarrassing. No, really.

I have never been on a blind date. But that’s not the embarrassing confession. It is this:

I’ve always wanted to.*cringe* Yeah, I know. Why on earth would ANYone subject themselves to such possible disaster?

Beats me. Why did I go to a strip club? I think this curiosity falls in the same “life experience” category. I think my boyfriend would object to me going on a blind date, so for now I will live vicariously through others.

date_dinner_Like my friend Josh, who recently went on a blind date. A friend from college set them up, he said, and he was nervous as a pregnant nun, texting me for cologne recommendations.

Afterward, details were few, but he said it was fantastic and they’ve been talking and texting. She asked him for coffee the next evening and they were going out again this weekend.

Damn – not exactly the horror story of the date chewing with his/her mouth open or turning out to be rude, dumb, lazy or just downright odd.

How about you? Any blind dating horror stories?