Ahem. I have an announcement. A BIG announcement.

No, I’m NOT getting married. Jeez, you sound like my mother.apartment

Drum roll, please …. My boyfriend and I are moving in together. Cheers, applause and a crash of symbols.

Believe it or not, it was his idea.

Upon hearing the news, my mother asked about wedding plans. She started talking about my dad’s work bonus and my sister’s possible deployment next year to Afghanistan.

Um, hold it. Let’s just see if I could live with the guy, first. Yes, he’s perfect. No, really, he is. But maybe after living with him for a few months – maybe THAT’S when the little bits of crazy will start dribbling out of him, oozing into a pool in the floor that I have to step in each day.

My mom is pretty perfect, too, because she’s the one who suggested to me years ago that maybe I SHOULD live with a man before marriage just to make sure he wasn’t really annoying before walking down the aisle ‘til divorce court do us part.

Kevin and I keep hearing warnings about living with someone from those who have been there. I’ve had my share of crappy roommates, including one man who blatantly asked for sex one night. He moved out the following week.

I currently live with a female friend. She’s a fabulous roommate; we both live with our boyfriends 95 percent of the time.

She can’t beat my best roommate though. Eva gave me money every month, but lived with her fiancée. Really. She had furniture at his house, clothes, everything. She kept a few items in the second bedroom at my place, signed the lease with me and even offered to pitch in for utilities, which was just silly. She only spent four nights in the apartment, two of which were during a weekend when her parents visited her from California. They were the reason she signed a separate lease in the first place – for the appearance of it – even though they were already engaged.

I can’t argue with that. When Kevin and I stayed with his parents at their beach house one weekend, he put his stuff in a separate room. He slept with me. In the morning, he crept out into his room again and then took a shower. Just in case.apartment_for_rent

I wasn’t sure how they would take the news. Turns out, his mom is fine with it. Some of her friends’ children have cohabitated their way to wedding vows, so she feels it is ok in this day and age.


Kevin’s amazing. He’s clean, our schedules aren’t too different. We like to do the same things and basically live together now. As a roommate, he may even beat Eva.

We’ll see. For now, I’m just excited.