I love Skype. When my boyfriend when out of the country for about two weeks, it was the most useful technological tool I’ve ever tried.

But Skype dating?

Apparently a new service called Skyecandy takes online dating to a new level. Think of it like speed dating, but over the Internet.

You’re matched up with real people via Skype and your webcam. Just like with speed dating, you then chat for five minutes and then click yes or no to indicate if you’re interested.

Flashback to fifth grade – passing notes that say, “Will you go out with me? Circle yes or no.”I stop sending those after I got my third rejection.

If you both say “yes” then you keep chatting for free.

By aNantaB

By aNantaB

Would you try this? Since I tried speed dating, I’d think I’d give this a shot, too.

And, for the men out there, here are two sites for you:

Need to know how to be a hobo? Or cook a manly recipe that “will put hair on your chest”? Maybe you need some money advice or the scoop on dressing to impress. The Art of Manliness is a site run by a man and a woman, similar to many magazines in that it provides content in a variety of information with a good dose of humor.

The Rakish Life is a site run by two men, dedicated to teaching other men “the finer points of rakishness and moral abandon.” It doesn’t look as though it has been updated since August, but I cruised through some of the posts and found them amusing.