Vaginas dont really go with bacon and eggs.

But there I was at Bob Evans, discussing my coochie with a group of women. doctor_patient

“If you can’t talk to your doctor about it, find a new doctor.”

It was like a mantra for Pure Romance Consultant Tracie Merwitzer, who repeated that line at least three times as she talked about women’s bodies.

The networking group meeting I attended Tuesday allows each member to give a talk. This week, Tracie gave us “10 Things Your Gynecologist Wishes You Knew.”

Aside from the top 10 list, she emphasized that you should be able to talk to your doctor. Not every female doctor is going to be great, but at least they know what you’re talking about, she said.

By the way, if you’ve never been to a Pure Romance Party, you’re missing out. Tracie’s information can be found here. Or you can contact Pam Loveland.  If you throw a Pure Romance party you get freebies! And it’s not just toys; there are creams, perfumes, lotions, lube, etc.

I went to one back in February and it was awesome. (Read that blog post.)

Tracie interviewed a doctor for this talk and the wisdom must be passed along, so here you go:

1. Sex shouldn’t hurt. Painful intercourse could occur for a number of reasons, from needing lubrication to things like vaginismus and other infections that need a doctor’s attention. If sex hurts, try some lube. If it still hurts, see a doctor. Seriously. Tracie relayed the story of one woman who ended up in the hospital with tearing. OUCH.

2. Douching makes everything worse. Douching can decrease fertility up to 30 percent. It can increase the risk of infection and even introduce bacteria into the vagina that can travel up to the reproductive organs. Women who douche regularly are at a 75 percent increase risk for developing PID, an infection that can lead to infertility and EVEN DEATH.
— Ladies, we don’t days guys we call douches. They’re bad. Same with the original.

3. Oil-based lubricants dissolve condoms. Um, what? Yes, it’s true. Check your ingredient list. When using condoms you want a water-based version. Pure Romance sells some, including one called “Just Like Me.” (Tracie handed out samples and I can’t wait to try it!) If using an oil-based lube (like the fun ones) then use polyurethane condoms.

4. The best time of the month to do your monthly breast exam is the week after your period. Your breasts are less swollen and tender.

5. If you get frequent bladder infections, empty your bladder before and after sex. It can help flush bacteria that have found their way up your urethra.

6. Most women require foreplay and external stimulation for orgasm. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Women are like ovens; they need to be preheated. Tracie’s line was: Guys are microwaves, women are crockpots. Either way, 85 percent of gals need some clitoral stimulation to reach the stars so you’re not abnormal if plain ole intercourse just doesn’t rock your world.

7. It is ok to notice decreased sex drive after you have a baby. Your hormones are suppressed by nursing. It will return.

8. It is ok to notice less sex drive with small children. You have to make relationship time a priority and ot a second thought. Date nights are a must!

***9. Antibiotics can make birth control pills ineffective. I put stars by this one because I know women who did not know this and ended up pregnant. If you’re taking antibiotics, use a barrier method of birth control.

10. Any unusual symptoms such as a lump, an area of thickening or a dimple in the breast should be checked by a doctor. Less common signs are swelling and redness or an enlarged underarm lymph node. If you feel like something is wrong, get it checked.