I recently watched Vicky, Christina Barcelona. If you haven’t seen it and are interested in the topic, check it out.

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The movie follows two best friends on their trip to Spain. Each has a different idea about what love is and each reacts differently when presented with the chance for love – or something like it – in Spain.

Vicky, who is engaged, is the more steady, know-what-I-want type of girl while Christina doesn’t know what she wants.

Vicky is tempted by someone and cheats on her fiancée one night. After that, her perspective shifts. Maybe it’s just cold feet, but she begins to question what she wants. When the movie ends, she still feels confused, even though she’s now married.

How terrible for her to be so screwed up even though she knew what she wanted all along.

15barcelona-600Christina on the other hand, is screwed up from the start. She’s constantly searching, trying to figure out what love is and how to find it, not even knowing really what she’s looking for. But along the way she finds adventure and passion.

Is ignorance truly bliss?

The movie sparked a good conversation between Kevin and me.

For most women, sleeping with a man tends to give us thoughts of love. I think that’s where Vicky went wrong. She confused her feelings after sex for something else.

On the other hand, temptation is more temping when you’re not getting what you want from your relationship. Her fiancée is her best friend and lover, but was there some passion missing that she wanted?

From what I’ve seen of happily married couples, including my parents, the reality of a 50-year daily grind is going to wear on you sometimes. Sometimes you’re really going to be angry at that person; you may even think you hate him or her.

But if you get married knowing that will happen, prepared for the bad times along with the good, and can talk about it, then it seems to work. Again, this is from what I’ve seen of successful marriages. Communication seems to be the key. (Married/divorced people feel free to weigh in on this.)

For me, the fact that Kevin and I could talk about all this – love, what it means, what the reality of marriage means and the idea of cheating – well, that’s what I’ve always wanted.

And if I’m ignorant, so be it, because I’m blissful.

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