Tickets for the Durham World Beer Festival go on sale next week. It’s $40, which sounds like a lot.

But if you’re a single lady, you should go. Beer sampling and boy sampling go hand in hand.

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As I wrote after the Raleigh World Beer Festival, the ratio is strongly in your favor:

My guesstimate of the male-to-female ratio was about 100:1.

And of the women there, many looked like they were with a boyfriend/husband. Even if you don’t know the difference between a Heifervezein and an IPA, go sip on some suds at beerfest.

During the four hours, I wandered up and down the aisles, tasting away, and appreciating the flavors of beer and the flavors of men appreciating the flavors of beer.

Last year at the Durham beer festival, I was single, and I ended meeting a guy I sort of knew via Twitter. This led to a flirtatious, fun evening, later followed by a hookup. So hey, I’m proof that it works!