Emily had been waiting for 10 minutes for her date.

Then 20. Then 30.

He had called to say he was running late for their rendezvous at Sammy’s, but after about 40 minutes, she was thinking it might be time to pack it up for the night.

“So I got to the parking lot and decided to wait in my car. I kept looking down at my watch, and when 40 minutes had passed, I was getting ready to leave.”

Her phone rang, and it was her date. clock_tower

‘The first thing I heard was, ‘I guess you’re blowing me off.’ As it turns out, he had somehow walked inside without me spotting him and had been sitting at the bar for 20 minutes.”

Emily reports that the rest of the date went okay, but next time he suggested a get together it was via text message on the same night he was suggesting.

“I mean, he texted me to ask me out, the night he wanted to do something! At least make more of an effort!”

I say, go Emily. Late, and then sends you a day-of text message for Date No. 2? Yes, technology is awesome, but hey, when it means something to you, you pick up the phone and call.

What do you think?

-When your date is late, does it affect your impression? Would you give him or her a chance?
-What about sending a text message for a date when it’s a new person?

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