I need a brownie. And some Reese’s peanut butter cups. And maybe a cookie.

PMS is a bitch sometimes. I know, big duh.

Aside from my usual chocolate cravings, my grumpiness also makes me think an alcoholic beverage is a good idea. So I thought I’d share the best recipe for one of my favorite “girlie” drinks to sip: the chocolate martini.

I still can’t find a bar that makes this properly. Some will even use milk – GASP! My recipe calls for five shots and two of them will kick PMS’s ass with a Chuck Norris roundhouse.

Here it is:
1 shot vodkagirl_with_martini
1 shot Bailey’s
1 shot Kahlua
1 shot Godiva light
1 shot Godiva dark

Mix together and shake with ice in a martini shaker. Pour into BIG glass and enjoy!

If you make them:
It’s not a cheap drink. Bottles of Godiva are $30 each, but I have found that ABC stores carry the airplane-sized versions of them, allowing me to mix up just one or two for much less.