One thing is for sure; if you’re after someone with a dog, you should visit Lake Johnson.

I felt ambitious last week and decided to walk the entire paved and unpaved trail around the lake. By my calculations, that’s more than 4.5 miles. Can I get a HELL YEAH? (Of course, I later ate two Reese’s Peanut Butter cups to make up for all that exercise. But they were a yummy reward for my hard work.)

If you’re looking to burn some calories, it’s a great walk with scenic views of the lake. But if you’re looking for guys, you might be in a canoe without a paddle. Nearly every person I saw was a woman with a dog. Both older and younger women walked the path; some jogged.

By Lyrabellacqua/Flickr Creative Commons

By Lyrabellacqua/Flickr Creative Commons

This made me feel safer, since I’ve often been admonished for hiking/walking alone.

Granted, the time of day you visit Lake Johnson will naturally affect who is there. Perhaps after work hours the guys flood the paths with their dogs. When I tweeted this observation, a guy friend of mine said he often goes there with his dog.

I did see a few guys. Of those, two were covered in gray hair. One was the requisite young professional-looking type. On top of that, he was shirtless, and hey, a girl’s always gotta appreciate a lean body, right?

But then how does a fine female strike up a conversation while sweaty and gross, especially with another sweaty person who is clearly busy on his run? I guess you just have to go often enough to see the same people and one day attempt a chat.

After all, he did smile at me. That’s always a good start.