I was driving in my car the other day when “White Flag” by Dido started playing on the radio.

My best friend hates that song. During her most painful breakup, it was very popular and came on the radio every 10 minutes. Naturally, all she could think about was him.

When going through a breakup, any love song reminds you of the one you’re missing.

When I went through my breakup last year, it was the first big one I’d experienced. She was the bestest best friend anyone could hope for. Aside from brining me mushy food to nibble (I couldn’t eat or sleep the first day), she brought me things to do and most importantly, CDs that contained non-love-song music.

“Trust me,” she said. “You won’t want to listen to the radio.”

She was right. Over time, I created a playlist of “girl power” type songs to make me feel better and to get me through the rough time. I suppose some people will laugh at my playlist – it’s full of cliché’s – but anything is better than being forced to listen to the “Titanic” song or some other sappy tune when your heart is broken into pieces.

In  life, and in love, you just gotta keep on dancing. You might as well have a soundtrack. love_music

So here’s a sample of my “Survivor” playlist.

–         So What – Pink

–         Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5

–         Die Another Day – Madonna

–         Bitch – Meredith Brooks

–         I will Survive – Cake

–         You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

–         Fighter – Christina Aguilara

–         Irreplaceable – Beyonce

–         Boots – Nancy Sinatra

–         You don’t Know What Love Is – The White Stripes

–         Climb That Hill – Tom Petty

What’s on your playlist? What song can you absolutely not stand to listen to after a breakup?