It’s no Cum Off Wipes, but Sweet Spot is a pretty sweet product “for your sweetest spot.”

As I’ve mentioned, I sometimes receive a few freebies geared toward single people from Single Edition. (Want some freebies? See end of post.) I was psyched to see this one in the mail, mainly because of the name. I vowed to check it out and see whether it’s worth buying in the future.

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

My review: Sure enough Sweet Spot pretty much rocks. It’s unscented and feels refreshing. Consistency is not too runny, thinner than lotion. It lathers up only slightly. Guys probably have no idea, but soap is not ideal for keeping your ladyparts fresh and so clean clean. The Cum Off Wipes seemed to be the on-the-go answer for the quick swipe of freshness, but this shower addition has suited me perfectly post sticky situations and for the morning freshener.

Where to get it: It’s made by SweetSpot Labs, which makes several other products along the same line, such as on-the-go wipettes. (Note to self: must try and compare with Cum Off Wipes.) According to the store locator, the only store in N.C. selling it is in Nags Head.

Price: $12 per bottle online + $4 shipping

Final Say: For that price, I’m not sure I’d buy it, but if it was available at the local drugstore for $10, I’d add this to my regular shopping list. Still, it’s nice to have when I need a little extra clean.

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