A few weeks ago Kevin and I walked into a store, where I was considering selling a gold bracelet. I never wear gold and I’m in an organizational phase right now.

While waiting for service, I peeked at the pretty rings on display. I’m not the type who has her whole wedding planned. In fact, I really have no idea what kind of wedding I want; I’m not engaged. But I’m starting to get an idea of what kind of ring I want.ring_box

I know a few people who are recently engaged, or talking about getting engaged. Love is in the air, it seems. And I know which rings I like and which I don’t. (Not gold.)

As I looked at the rings, Kevin laughed and told me not to get any ideas. I laughed and said, “No problem. But in case you’re wondering, I’m a size seven.”

He said, “Really? You know your ring size?”

I said, “I think so. I think it’s seven. Ask Vanessa [my best friend]. I told her once and maybe she remembers.”

“You told her?”

“Sure. Girls talk about these things so when some guy needs ring shopping advice, he can go to her best friend and get the scoop,” I said.

A girl I know who recently got engaged is also not the type to have her wedding planned ahead of time. She was exclaiming over how well her fiancée did in picking out her ring. He had always told her he wouldn’t propose until they went shopping together. Then one day he surprised her with a rockin’ rock. And he did all the research himself.

“Really there’s so much to consider,” she said. “I kind of feel sorry for guys having to figure all this stuff out. I certainly have no idea.”

Me either. Except no gold. Preferably platinum. And yes, I’d like a decent-sized diamond, but not gigantic. And no pear shapes – ick.

And … well anyway, I’m sure whoever I marry will figure it out!

How about you, ladies? Do you know your ring size? Is your best friend cognizant of your carat cravings?