Kevin and I were out at the bar the other night and we had a PDA situation.

That is, Personal Digital Assistant.

We sat among our group of friends. As they each sat around the table, each stared downward at an iPhone. This wasn’t the first time.

On a related note, a couple I know had to sit down and chat about iPhones on date night after the girl acquired both an iPhone and the addiction. (Is there an app for that?) Her boyfriend, also an iPhone user, had been asked many times to put his away. Now, the tables had turned. So they agreed: no iPhones on date night.

One evening shortly after Kevin and I first started dating, we were at Busy Bee. As we walked out, we saw two people vacuuming each other’s faces with their lips. Ok, so they were making out, but we’re talking sucking-face-practically-dry-humping-in-public type of PDA.

We both looked at each other and at the EXACT SAME TIME said, “Let’s not be like that.”

We then gave each other a high five. (Just one more reason Kevin is awesome, btw.)

by Ricky Romero/Flickr CC

by Ricky Romero/Flickr CC

Anyway, so we agree that PDA – that is, public displays of affection — while hanging out with our friends is rude and uncool.

When out in a social setting, you’re there to be with real, live people, talk to them and enjoy their company. Granted, we’re not on “date night” with our group of friends each time we sit at Landmark for a beer, but I’ve always argued that unplugging is important when it comes to relationships – whether it be the first date with a new person, the zillionth date with your long-term special someone or hanging out with your buds one random Tuesday.

If it’s not cool for Kevin and I to do a PDA, then why should our friends be allowed to give lip service to their iPhones?

Maybe we should start making out next time it happens.

It’s only fair, right?