I’m not getting enough sleep at night. Each day at work I feel myself dozing off for a little bit. My head hurts; I’m a little cranky.

I know why this is happening — Kevin and I are having some troubles in the bedroom.

bedBut it’s not what you think.

We each have a full-sized bed, which in all seriousness, is really the right sized bed for one adult. No more. Who the hell decided that this full-sized bed also needed to be known as a “double?” I’ve been sleeping in this same bed since I bought in junior year of college — that’s about eight years now. I’m one of those people who is almost always single and therefore, I hog the bed to myself. I sleep in the middle; I switch sides and I use both pillows.

Hey, it’s my bed. I do want I want.

I learned to share in kindergarten like everyone else. And I don’t mind sharing a bed with Kevin. Our sleepovers started with just weekends, but for about one full month now we’ve been sleeping in the same bed each night. It’s great. I love him; I want to see him at night and sleep next to him.

Except, I’m not sleeping. I don’t mind taking only half of a full-sized bed, but I’m a light sleeper. So when Kevin snores, moves or rolls over, I wake up.

The other day we slept at my place. He leaves for work early; I work a later shift. As soon as he left, I stretched my legs, got into a comfy, bed-hog position and promptly fell into a coma for 90 minutes until my alarm went off.

We recently crashed overnight at a retreat with a king-sized bed. I slept like a king.

The solution, clearly, is to either kick Kevin out of my bed or get a king.  So now … I’m bed shopping — except king-sized beds are about $1,000.

But it might be worth it. Because Kevin will have a look that’s worth a $1,000 on his face if I tell him we can’t have sleepovers anymore.

Unless one of you has a brilliant suggestion?