I love spending time with my guy, but let’s face it, there are some places you just shouldn’t drag your boyfriend. Yet, I see women do this all the time. My vote is that if you’re married, all bets are off, but I STILL wouldn’t drag the poor man to the No. 1 on my list.

4. Gynecologist. Ladies, unless you’re having a baby or some sort of surgery, leave the boy at home. He’s only interested in all that when it’s spread open for him, not some doctor.

3. Bikini wax. See No. 5. Even if you’re trying to show him how easy it is and encourage him to get that unsightly back manhairremoval_tnshair ripped off at the roots, dragging him into a female-filled salon is not the answer. And watching your face wrinkle up in pain is going to give him flashbacks next time he’s checking out your new down under ‘do.

2. Marathon malling. I can’t imagine why you’d take him instead of your best girlfriend to hit up the big Macy’s sale and blow hundreds of bucks on shoes, but I’ve seen women do this. I shrug my shoulders. Either the guy is crazy in love or a doormat. Either way, not my problem, but I still tell that girl to spare the man when you’re trying to find just the right summer bikini.

1. The new Sex and the City movie. I saw the first one opening night and I was amazed that a few non-gay men accompanied their girls to the movie. I LOVE guy movies and I’ll go see anyone of them with my boyfriend. I’ll be sure to drag him to the occasional chick flick just to be fair. But seriously? SATC? That’s just mean. Cosmos and yet another Carrie dilemma are going to send him over the edge.

Any other suggestions?