I told him this would happen.

Kevin’s mom joined Facebook. And like any good son, he became friends with her. I accompanied the family to dinner Friday night to celebrate a birthday and his parents’ anniversary. We got dressed up and had an exquisite meal at Four Square in Durham. As I sat next to Kevin at dinner, his mom took a picture of Kevin and I in our finery. Over the weekend, she posted the photo on her new Facebook profile.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do if she asks me to be Facebook friends,” I told Kevin. “I don’t want her to see all my bad (read: drunk) photos.”

“She’s not going to ask you to be Facebook friends with her,” he said.facebook

“Really?” I said.

No, not really. Guess who friended me Sunday after Kevin tagged me in the photo?

Uh-oh. GULP. Of course, I could be friends with her and limit her viewing of my profile. It’s the same thing I did when my aunts and uncles and former college professor joined Facebook. That’s probably the smart way to handle the situation. I don’t want to be rude.

But I do think it’s odd. Sure, we’ve discussed the future a few times and things are going beautifully. He’s the bestest boyfriend in the whole world, and my best friend. But he and I have only been dating for three and a half months.

He said he’d talk to her. She’s a newbie, so she just doesn’t know. I guess from his mom’s perspective, any girl brings to dinner is a serious girlfriend. So I guess that’s that. You get the guy – you get the family.

But if he and I ever do break up, it’s going to suck to break up with her on Facebook, too.