August 2009

One thing is for sure; if you’re after someone with a dog, you should visit Lake Johnson.

I felt ambitious last week and decided to walk the entire paved and unpaved trail around the lake. By my calculations, that’s more than 4.5 miles. Can I get a HELL YEAH? (Of course, I later ate two Reese’s Peanut Butter cups to make up for all that exercise. But they were a yummy reward for my hard work.)

If you’re looking to burn some calories, it’s a great walk with scenic views of the lake. But if you’re looking for guys, you might be in a canoe without a paddle. Nearly every person I saw was a woman with a dog. Both older and younger women walked the path; some jogged.

By Lyrabellacqua/Flickr Creative Commons

By Lyrabellacqua/Flickr Creative Commons

This made me feel safer, since I’ve often been admonished for hiking/walking alone.

Granted, the time of day you visit Lake Johnson will naturally affect who is there. Perhaps after work hours the guys flood the paths with their dogs. When I tweeted this observation, a guy friend of mine said he often goes there with his dog.

I did see a few guys. Of those, two were covered in gray hair. One was the requisite young professional-looking type. On top of that, he was shirtless, and hey, a girl’s always gotta appreciate a lean body, right?

But then how does a fine female strike up a conversation while sweaty and gross, especially with another sweaty person who is clearly busy on his run? I guess you just have to go often enough to see the same people and one day attempt a chat.

After all, he did smile at me. That’s always a good start.


Not long ago I heard a girl say she absolutely HAD to go home with someone to avoid driving home drunk. Sounded like a sort of Dumpster diving — rooting around in the trash bin and making do with something because you have to. Now, I’ve gone home with a few people but that certainly never occurred to me as a reason. Then again, when I really think about it, in college I went to a house to “sober up” after the bar, knowing full well it might lead to sexing up later.

Mike McCaffrey

Mike McCaffrey

Still, if you want to avoid slutting it out just to avoid the DWI here are a few other Triangle friendly suggestions for getting your patootie home safely. All of these have been in the news lately, which is why I mention them. I’d love to hear your feedback on these first two, since I haven’t tried either.

  • Taxi- Raleigh is discussing whether it needs rules for its Taxi services. Did you know there are more than 100 cab providers in the area? Right now, there aren’t a ton of regulations. In theory, I could slap a sticker on my SUV and start hauling drunk hipsters around. Your drunken stupidity might be saved on camera if one rule is approved. It’s actually a safety measure though. They’re also thinking about adding GPS systems.
  • Zingo – If you’re stumbling on the dance floor, just Zingo your way home.  You call them up, they arrive on a tiny scooter and stuff it in your trunk. Then they drive you home and hand you the keys, cruising off on their bikes with blinky orange lights. Pretty brilliant. It’s not super cheap: $10 plus $3 per mile plus tip. Still, $50 is cheaper than the lawyer fees.
  • The R-Line – Be eco friendly and safe all at the same time. This free hybrid bus tools around in a circular path downtown. It runs during the day, but it has basically become the drunk bus for those bar hopping around Glenwood and downtown. I feel as though this bus service is underrated, though I see more and more people taking advantage. I use it nearly every weekend, and I’m pleased to see many Raleigh visitors hopping aboard. Sadly, it may not be around forver. At least one of the current Raleigh mayoral candidates said he would get rid of this service if elected.

My eggs hurt.

As Kevin and I watched the 1-year-old’s mom unwrap his eighth present, we looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

This party sucked.

Granted, it’s a birthday party for a tyke who can’t talk, and who was far more interested in playing with tissue paper than the group of adults circled and smiling as his mom oohed and ahhed over toys he will never touch. family1_tns

We sat in a generic Holly Springs suburban house with generic colors on the walls and generic Pier 1 decorations all over. A slideshow of child pictures played on the TV. No music, generic conversation held in quiet tones. Toys everywhere. The spoiled babe was the product of Kevin’s college roommate and wife, who don’t seem that happy.

As I looked around, I felt nauseated. The married-with-children dream really wasn’t looking so good. What if I ended up as plastic and boring as these people?   (more…)

I subscribe to the Boy Scout “be prepared” mantra.

Therefore I don’t pack light.

I’ve noticed over the years that in most cases, women tend to stay at their guy’s place more often than he at hers. Why is this? For me, it’s always been a matter of convenience. Kevin lives downtown, which is where we want to be.

My work schedule is odd, so for my other two Raleigh guys it often made more sense for me to go over to his place after work. In truth, it was very inconvenient for me to drive out to Brier Creek after work to see Darren. Yet I still did, probably because I was a bit of a doormat in that relationship.

boy_scout_backpackThese days I basically live with Kevin, but downtown parking forces me to move my car before I have to be at work. So to avoid tickets and parking deck fees, I still go home each morning. That means constantly carrying a backpack of comfy after-work clothes, a book and whatever other “be prepared” miscellany I might require.

I typically spend around five nights straight at Kevin’s house around weekends. For those weekends I look like a bag lady. I walk in with a backpack, laptop bag, work bag, duffel bag — the same bag I pack when I go on trips. It’s like going on vacation.

In past relationships, I’ve left my mark in a guy’s bathroom by leaving a container of contact solution and a case for sleepovers.

“It’s a necessity,” I explain. “I can’t sleep in my contacts.”

They’re always ok with that and offer room for a toothbrush. Over the months I might add a pillow, but usually nothing more. I feel like an intruder, hoping to leave a few items that make sleepovers more convenient. So I never try to take more stuff. Especially with Frank, who owned his own house and was very set on his bachelorhood and his space. (Should’ve made note of that, but live and learn.)

With Kevin – no problem. He even cleaned out his closet and made some room for me. Now THAT’S true love, no?

But I’m still carrying a backpack. So if you see me walking around with three or four bags, don’t worry – I’m not homeless. I actually have two homes. It’s just this Boy Scout mantra of mine, and it’s turning into a backache.

090605_suzanne_avatarI’m on vacation today for a long weekend. It’s my first vacation with Kevin unless you count short car trips to the beach. This time we’re actually getting on a plane. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get back.

I plan to completely unplug, so if your comment doesn’t show up it’s because I’m not logging in to moderate it.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

I was driving in my car the other day when “White Flag” by Dido started playing on the radio.

My best friend hates that song. During her most painful breakup, it was very popular and came on the radio every 10 minutes. Naturally, all she could think about was him.

When going through a breakup, any love song reminds you of the one you’re missing.

When I went through my breakup last year, it was the first big one I’d experienced. She was the bestest best friend anyone could hope for. Aside from brining me mushy food to nibble (I couldn’t eat or sleep the first day), she brought me things to do and most importantly, CDs that contained non-love-song music.

“Trust me,” she said. “You won’t want to listen to the radio.”

She was right. Over time, I created a playlist of “girl power” type songs to make me feel better and to get me through the rough time. I suppose some people will laugh at my playlist – it’s full of cliché’s – but anything is better than being forced to listen to the “Titanic” song or some other sappy tune when your heart is broken into pieces.

In  life, and in love, you just gotta keep on dancing. You might as well have a soundtrack. love_music

So here’s a sample of my “Survivor” playlist.

–         So What – Pink

–         Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5

–         Die Another Day – Madonna

–         Bitch – Meredith Brooks

–         I will Survive – Cake

–         You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

–         Fighter – Christina Aguilara

–         Irreplaceable – Beyonce

–         Boots – Nancy Sinatra

–         You don’t Know What Love Is – The White Stripes

–         Climb That Hill – Tom Petty

What’s on your playlist? What song can you absolutely not stand to listen to after a breakup?

It’s no Cum Off Wipes, but Sweet Spot is a pretty sweet product “for your sweetest spot.”

As I’ve mentioned, I sometimes receive a few freebies geared toward single people from Single Edition. (Want some freebies? See end of post.) I was psyched to see this one in the mail, mainly because of the name. I vowed to check it out and see whether it’s worth buying in the future.

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

My review: Sure enough Sweet Spot pretty much rocks. It’s unscented and feels refreshing. Consistency is not too runny, thinner than lotion. It lathers up only slightly. Guys probably have no idea, but soap is not ideal for keeping your ladyparts fresh and so clean clean. The Cum Off Wipes seemed to be the on-the-go answer for the quick swipe of freshness, but this shower addition has suited me perfectly post sticky situations and for the morning freshener.

Where to get it: It’s made by SweetSpot Labs, which makes several other products along the same line, such as on-the-go wipettes. (Note to self: must try and compare with Cum Off Wipes.) According to the store locator, the only store in N.C. selling it is in Nags Head.

Price: $12 per bottle online + $4 shipping

Final Say: For that price, I’m not sure I’d buy it, but if it was available at the local drugstore for $10, I’d add this to my regular shopping list. Still, it’s nice to have when I need a little extra clean.

Want Freebies? Although I test some of the products I get, I mostly give them away in reward to people who have a great story to share here. Send me your tales of woe, great dates, info about where to have that date, tips or whatever to and I’ll send you something free!

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