Once bitten, twice shy, I guess.

Thanks to Mary for sharing this lovely story: tool_tool_114882_tns

“Back in the day, the guy I was dating was always hanging out with this girl who I knew he had a crush on…  He’d always liked her, even before I came along, but we were mutual friends, she didn’t ever want to date him, and they had a pretty significant age difference — so I was okay with it.

The guy and I worked together, and one morning he called me super early and begged me to drop everything and cover his shift for him because he’d been up late working on a paper for his grad class.  So I did.  Then he comes in to the store later in the morning and tells me that, in addition to working on the paper, he stayed up all night with the girl, and she was going “to give him a chance,” so we were over.  Ouch.

Things didn’t work out with the other woman, so I gave this guy another chance.  We dated casually for a couple weeks before his graduation/I went home for summer.  Then we broke up for logistical reasons.  He still called me every day that summer, even when I started to ask him not to, because it was difficult for me.  Halfway through the summer, he reveals on a long-distance phone call that he’s been dating that other girl again.  For a month.”