birthday♫ Happy Birthday, dear blog, Happy Birthday to you!!!! ♫

I’m a few days late, but roughly six months ago (Jan. 19) I started this blog. I’m not sure I expected it to last this long, so I thank those of you who continue to read my ramblings about dating, mating, life and love.

While I think it’s sort of self-serving to mention my blog’s milestones, I do it now for two reasons: First, many blogs don’t make it to the six-month mark, so hey, it’s an accomplishment.

Second, lately I’ve been wondering whether I should continue writing at all. Now that I’m in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship, I realize I have a lot less drama to post. However, a new relationship brings new adventures and I plan to continue writing, albeit more focused on relationship bumps than on single adventures.

In my first post, I said, Heck, maybe one of us will learn something along the way.

I’m pleased to report that I have.

From Settling for Great Expectations (April 17), just before Kevin and I started dating:

So I ponder: where is the balance between settling and keeping expectations at a reasonable level?

In all my pondering, I’ve begun to realize that my expectations are reasonable. My list of wants is possible.

It’s my perspective that is skewed. I’m looking in another direction entirely, assuming the guy I want is roaming around the ether of Raleigh.

But while I do that, a guy already in my life seems to be meeting those expectations. Suddenly I find my perspective shifting.

In the end, life is all about perspective. I find writing things down gives me a way to organize my thoughts and sometimes, tip my scales of sight. It’s worked out well for me so far — I might never have considered Kevin if I hadn’t been writing this blog. So who knows? Maybe someday soon my perspective will shift another direction…

Thank you to those of you who are sharing the dating/mating experience in the Triangle with me. Ideas and feedback are welcome: or talk to me on twitter – @singlesuzanne.