Two good friends of mine have recently had bumps with their exes. Get this – each person found out his or her ex is now engaged. On Facebook.

Here comes that social networking Tool again. What’s HE doing here? (Did we invite him?)tool_tool_114882_tns

Guy Y and Girl X were each the last serious relationship before these exes left them and met the person to whom they are now engaged.

So is it flattering that you were the last one? Or a meat cleaver to the heart – as in, you weren’t good enough? Or, do you take the Zen approach of, “Well, we weren’t right for each other and he/she found The One.”

Guy Y said he didn’t find it flattering to be the last one. He was surprised, but not terribly upset about the whole thing.

Girl X said at first, she was blown away by the news. This jerk used a glass-breaking machine to maim her heart into a zillion itty bitty bits of sand. What the hell is he doing, getting engaged the girl with whom he cheated on Girl X and then left her for? But after a few days, she let it sink in and now is much more Zen about the whole thing. Life is life and now she’s got a much better man in her life, one who treats her right and is worth the trouble.

Aside from that aspect of this post, I simply found it intriguing that Facebook plays such a role in our relationships. This social networking tool has become another type of “tool” in my story, being the bearer of such annoying news of the ex’s engagement.

I know, I know: Don’t kill the messenger. Facebook has helped me maintain relationships with some friends. But when it comes to ex’s … I think this object could be left out of the toolbox and I’d survive just fine.