male_bodies_posterApparently, I missed out on male strippers this past weekend. Of course, it was at City Limits, which is not my favorite establishment for many reasons. Have you ever been to a male revue? I’d be curious to try it out sometime, so if anyone wants to go, let me know.

But as I pondered whether I could find out when the next such Triangle event was to occur, I wondered if it was fair for me to go.

I don’t want my boyfriend to go to a strip club; why should I think it’s ok for me to do it? I asked my boyfriend, “Would it bother you if I went to see this show?”

He said no. “Why?” I asked. “It would bother me if you went to see strippers. I guess if you wanted to go I wouldn’t stop you, but I prefer that you didn’t.”

He said that for me to go see male strippers wasn’t a big deal because aside from trusting me not to run off with one of them soap-opera-style, he feels that male strippers tend to attract a mainly gay audience and that some of the men on stage are probably gay. Maybe. I don’t even know if men take off everything in strip shows as women do.

Maybe I should go find out?