Ok, I admit it. Women CAN be a little nuts sometimes. Yes, yes, I know I’m letting out a big secret.  Relationships make us so freakin’ crazy we do many many many many many MANY not-so-smart things. tool_tool_114882_tns

This week’s tool is another one where I have to pose the question:  who is the real Tool here? But unlike some of my other stories, this one is not so cut-and-dry.

Thanks to Carol, who shared this story with me:

“I dated a guy I didn’t exactly trust.  Not a great idea, in hindsight.  He was bipolar and had a history of cheating & open relationships, but he assured me repeatedly that it wouldn’t be an issue with us.  One day I was at his place alone and checking email on his computer and saw that his gmail was still signed in.  The top email was from a girl who’d openly tried to steal him from me at a party a few weeks ago.  I read it (was it wrong of me to do that?  Maybe, maybe not).  It was a string of emails planning for them to hookup once we broke up.  We knew I was going to move away in a month or two, but we hadn’t discussed breaking up.  So I went home, packed up his things, and dropped them off in a garbage bag with his roommate.”

I call still call this one a gray area. If she hadn’t checked his email, she wouldn’t have found out that he was planning to cheat or fool around. But then again, reading someone’s email is another form of infidelity in my mind. Wouldn’t it all have shaken out in a few months when they broke up? As Carol says, maybe, maybe not.

One thing I’m certain of – she was right to haul this guy to the garbage can.

What do you think?