tool_tool_114882_tnsEver meet that guy who just can’t stop talking about his business? Well Ophelia met him recently at a bookstore. She read my recent Location: Library post and remembered this story. Thanks for sharing, Ophelia! The freebies I promised are on their way! Here is her story, as she told it to me:

His name was Steve, and I met him at the Barnes and Noble by Crabtree Mall a while back. Cute enough – fit, young business guy, he was reading a snowboarder mag and I had picked up new mystery that had been released. We hit it off, exchanged numbers and set a date for the next weekend.

We met up for a wine tasting before going to dinner (my idea).  Only problem here was that he used the entire event to network with everyone else rather than get to know me!  He had a stack of business cards in his pocket 2″ thick and each person he introduced himself to, he pawned one off on (ends up, he owned his own cosmetics business).  Had I any idea this wasn’t the worst of it, I would have ended things there…

Dinner wasn’t much better- the hostess, the waiter, the busboy, and the table beside us all got papered with his card as well.  I guess I looking back, I got “carded” when I first met him, I just didn’t think anything of it – I thought I was getting his number!

It was like he was on auto-pilot, it was charming that he was so open and talkative (that’s what drew me to him – or him to me) but it quickly became like a dog trying to smell every passing tree… like we couldn’t even carry on a conversation as he tried to pass out his information to each and every person he came into contact with!

Needless to say, I not exactly sure what happened to his card after that date!