I love to cook. Unfortunately, cooking for yourself just isn’t that much fun and you end up with a ton of leftovers. Want to bake biscuits from a can? Gotta buy 10 of them.

Eeek! But it seems companies are wising up to the fact that sometimes, you just need one or two. So, in the standard American way, they’re trying to make money off of us single people.

Awhile back, I was featured on Single Edition, and they are now sending me products meant “just for one.”

Should I sell out for these freebies and tell you about them so I can get more? Um, yes. Whew! So much for ethical dilemmas!

Besides, I’m sending these freebies to the people who send me Tool of the Week stories. But here’s what I’ve got so far, in case you want to check any of them out:

  • Dating  Topics To Go – This pack of cards from tabletopics.com contains questions you can ask your next date.  Questions include such winners as “Would you rather have a beautiful garden fabulous car or more vacation days?” and “What’s the worst mistake you ever made in a relationship?”  I can’t see myself busting out these blue cards at the dinner table with a date, but I can see them providing some excellent conversation during those dull five-minutes-is-an-enternity speed dates. I’d also take them to a party, just for the hell of it.
  • Wine from Naked Winery – Talk about a brilliant name for a winery. Even if you’re not into fermented grape juice (and I love it) then wouldn’t you want to sip on this? I haven’t tasted it yet, but the company’s full name is Naked Winery and Orgasmic Wine Company. I can’t wait to pop that cork! The wines come in flavors like Penetration Cabernet and Foreplay Chardonnay. The wine comes from Washington and Oregon and prices start at $35. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it in North Carolina, but there’s this crazy new fad call the Internet that sells stuff like wine online. 090622_freebies
  • Maybe you’re more of a tea drinker, in which case you   could try Revolution Tea, which comes in a handy five sample pack, incuding Earl Grey, tropical greentea, golden chamomile, sweet ginger peach tea and English breakfast tea. Prices start at a few bucks. Order online or buy at Whole Foods or a Southern Season in Chapel Hill.
  • Whether you drink tea or wine you’ll need to keep your smile white. One of the coolest freebies I’ve received is this neato Go Smile pack. It comes with a travel toothbrush and travel lemon toothpaste, mouthwash, a silver compact with vanity mirror and six “touch up smile refreshers” in different flavors that are supposed to remove stains from your teeth. It all comes in a cute little bag. I’d keep it for myself, if I hand’t promised cool stuff for those Tool stories. Bummer.
  • Finally, another drink, but this one is a healthy on-the-go sipper called Fruit2Day, as in, “Have you had your Printfruit today?” Clever. What will those marketing whiz kids think of next? It comes in a cute tiny 6.5 oz bottle and tastes delicious! Flavors are Strawberry Orange, Pineapple Banana, Mango Peach and Cherry Grape. The juice tastes fresh. They’re pushing the fact that it contains real fruit pieces, but to me, that made the experience unpleasant. It’s like drinking a smoothie that wasn’t blended properly. But, I’m a texture person. Still, they only have 110-120 calories each and it’s considered two servings of fruit. Since I like to be healthy, I might just have to choke down the chewy bits, because the juice tastes so great. Available in the produce section of the grocery store.