I recently handed Kevin a key to my apartment. No big deal; it was really about practicality. He had come over late at night when I was already in bed, and I don’t like leaving the door unlocked. So the next day I gave him a spare.

In the past, handing out a key would have been a Milestone.

Like, “Oh, we’re at THAT point.” As if handing over the silver door key was like handing him the key to my heart.

I mean, you don’t just hand out your key to anyone. One guy and I exchanged keys early, but we were long-distance, and he worked weekends, so I was at his apartment a lot when he was not. I never could get a key from Frank, even after a year of dating.

I’ve gotten over the whole key-is-a-big-deal thing.

In fact, I’ve mellowed out a lot about many things. Am I cooler now? Wiser? Or just more cynical?

Is giving a key to your significant other a big deal?(surveys)