When it comes to sex, nothing is simple. Even the government has to get involved. So here are some news updates on how the government is doing that. 090623_newspaper

That sex education bill I mentioned awhile ago passed the Senate, according to a story on WRAL. At issue is whether students should learn about contraception.

And no one likes to talk about HIV, but Saturday is National HIV Testing Day. Responsible adults who are sexually active should get tested regularly. (Ladies, ask your GYN for the test; they won’t just give you one each year during a pap smear.) Here’s some info about NC Testing events.

And in more fun news, Nintendo DS has a new, flirty video game that is raising some eyebrows. Have you seen this? It’s called Secret Flirts and opponents argue it adds to the sexualization of youth culture. In the game, girls have to give their character make-up, clothes, go to a love coach and improve their attractiveness at the gym and salon. Interesting.