Fact: I am in a new relationship.facebook
Fact: I hang out with a bunch of camera geeks.
Result: I have several pictures of me and my new boyfriend.

No big deal right?

Fact: When in a new relationship, you’re excited and want to shout it out from the rooftops.
Fact: I  posted a photo of me and my boyfriend on my Facebook page.
Dangerous combo.
Result:  My aunt, sister-in-law and another aunt are all commenting.

Aunt: “He’s cute. Who is he?”

Sister-in-Law: “At least he’s not 5 feet tall.” (Reference to two shorter guys I dated in the past.)

Aunt No. 2: “Yeah, who’s Kevin? He’s adorable.”

Yet anther example of how Facebook is involved in dating/relationships. Except this time, my FAMILY is involved. Eek! Who invented this evil social networking site? They must be destroyed.