The alcohol-free wipes are “the quick and effective way to clean up after any sexual experience,” at least according to the bottle.

Good morning to you, too!cum_wipes

I know, it’s a racy headline compared to my usual banter, but I recently was given a box of freebies. As I rifled through the items, this one caught my eye – Cum Off wipes. I laughed out loud at the name and eagerly read the description on the container.

Think baby wipes without the baby powder smell. They come in a handy plastic container, with 30 are available to pull out as you would Clorox cleanup wipes. The bottle is small enough to take with you, as the container images suggest, anywhere, such as a plane, the beach, the car, a desk, a boat, with handcuffs or online.

I figured anything was better than the usual swab of toilet paper, so my boyfriend and I gave them a couple of trials.

We both give the wipes a thumbs up. They do the job nicely, leaving no stickiness, a clean, fresh feeling. They’re not scratchy like paper towels or prone to leaving behind bits of themselves like toilet paper.

They feel pretty soft, but durable, and the quick toss in the trash seems easier than busting out a washcloth with soap and water — unless you and your partner care to continue cleanup (or fun) in the shower. ;o)

Try For Yourself

Unfortunately, the site does not list the wipes as a product, nor the price. My one complaint about it is how to procure more, for the company is located in England. Some research led me to the Single Edition Web site (duh – they sent me the freebies), but I could not find the product listed on that site either. I’ll find out more and get back to you.