tool_tool_114882_tnsWe ladies like to talk trash about men sometimes.

I know, shocking. But it’s not always guys rooting around in the Toolbox, (See A Tale of Two Tools a few weeks ago.)

Here’s another Tool Tale brought to you by a femme fatale.  This should be on Texts From Last Night.

She was dating a guy she liked quite a bit and had the hots for. But then he got a haircut.
Her text: The haircut is bad, but I slept with him anyway.

This may not be entirely toolish in itself. Well, OK, maybe a little, but ladies, who hasn’t disliked a guy’s hair? But the really bad part was that she meant to send it to her best friend.

Instead — you guessed it — she sent it to him.

He avoided speaking to her the next day, obviously unhappy with her uncouth manner. She thought her best friend received the text and had no idea why her boyfriend was being such a jerk. It soon became clear, but the relationship didn’t last much longer.

Have you had an embarrassing text moments?