Relationships are not always a walk in the park.

But with Kevin, so far, it seems to be. And recently, we went walking in a great park, Pullen Park.090612_pullen_park

In these economic times, I, like many other people, am looking for cheaper ways to have fun. On a not-too-hot Saturday, Pullen Park provided something different than the cliché dinner-and-a-movie date that results in little conversation. I found it romantic to stroll around the park, my arm linked in his, sneaking little smooches in little grassy corners. We also rode the historic train for $1 each. If you’re interested, go this year, because the park will undergo renovations next year.

Here’s some other cheap date ideas for the Triangle:

1. Raleigh downtown walking tour – Kevin and I enjoy walking around downtown, but we haven’t tried this official walking tour yet. It’s pretty long, but I thin I’d be up for it sometime. Dates don’t get any cheaper than free, and you can always stop along the route for a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
In Durham,  there are several downtown walking tours or along the Eno River.
In Chapel Hill, you can walk around to see all the murals painted on walls or check out Franklin Street. You can also do an urban hike along a greener path by using the greenways set up in the Triangle.

2. Comedy Worx – This hole in the wall on Peace Street provides big laughs for little money. Movies too expensive? Get  two hours of improv entertainment for only $5. You can even drink a beer while you’re there. Shows come in both family-friendly and adult versions.
DSI has a similar experience in Chapel Hill.

3. Museums. Grab a little culture with your conversation at one of the area’s museums, most of which are free except for special exhibits. Or check out the planetarium in Chapel Hill, which provides a romantic night under the stars — something tough to find in our light-polluted Triangle.
Raleigh Art Museum
North Carolina History Museum
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Nasher Museum of Art

4. Parks. Along with Pullen Park, catch a paddleboat ride in Lake Johnson park.
Use this Durham Park Locator to find one near you.
Or for Chapel Hill.

Got any other great date ideas for a girl without green?