Perhaps he saw the “single” status on my Facebook, a topic I addressed last week.

Maybe he didn’t notice the boyfriend standing next to me most of the night when we met. Either way, on Thursday, I was asked out on Facebook.

I literally laughed out loud at this, so I just thought I’d share with the group.

Here’s his message: “Also, I was wondering if you weren’t seeing anyone if you would like to go out some time. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.”

Our mutual friend tells me this guy asks many women out. I presume not all of them are swooned on social networking sites. We met the other week at Boylan Bridge Brewpub, where I sipped a mediocre microbrew with a group of people comprised of mostly strangers. I don’t even remember which guy this was, because I met about 20 people that night. My boyfriend, Kevin, was off talking to some people he knew for awhile. Maybe that’s when I was introduced to “Tom.”

I forgot my sweatshirt that night and later texted my friend to pick it up for me. He’d already left for the night, so he asked Tom to grab it for me. Tom later friended me on FB with a message about the sweatshirt and the date request.

While I find this amusing, I’m not sure my boyfriend appreciates it. So I have now changed my tune about my “single” status on Facebook.

Now, there’s no relationship status listed at all. Not sure how I will phrase the response to Tom.