facebookThe other day Kevin was performing a nip/tuck on his Facebook page. He went from 300+ friends to roughly 140.

He later sent me a gchat message: “Hey, btw, should I change my relationship status?”

Wow. I was floored. THIS, my friends, is one example of why Kevin is so freakin’ amazing. Many women I know are ready to change their status within a few weeks. (Not for me, thanks.) But when is the last time a GUY volunteered to do this?

When I dated Frank, it took him several months to even refer to me as his girlfriend.

Does changing your status make it more real? Announcing to the world, yes, I am NOT single? I’m flattered that he wants to shout it from the rooftops like that – relationship announcements on Facebook are like taking out a billboard in Times Square to announce your happiness or heartbreak.

I told Kevin that I was keeping mine “single,” because I changed it twice last year and I’m tired of being hooked up to that heart monitor. I will be single until I’m “engaged” and then “married.”

So what are the Facebook rules when it comes to dating? If you remember, I had a guy ask me out on Facebook, and I wasn’t sure about that.

On a related note, my friend Richard is dating a girl in another city. She recently friended me on FB. I’m rather picky about my FB friends, but I figured it was polite to accept. But if they break up – which seems to be imminent – it’s farewell Francine.

AND in more Facebook fun, just as I was writing this, a friend of mine and I were gchatting. She said she was trying to decide whether to wish her ex a happy birthday on FB.

Her: Well, when I broke up w him a few years ago we were still very cordial to each other.  Mind you, we dated off and in for 5 yrs. We stopped sending emails and bday wishes last year. He was my first REAL bf.  The one I started dating when I was 15. I still wonder how he’s doing …
Me: Oh, well then why not?
Her:  I don’t want to have to deal w a POSSIBLE “tell how things are going” email. Just one of those things where you haven’t heard from your first true love in awhile a simple happy bday can make things awkward.
Me: So write happy birthday on his wall (generic)
Her: “I might. F it. I will.”

Sheesh. Who knew social networking could be so dramatic? Have you had any Facebook dating flaps?