POW! The starting gun goes off, and hundreds of women wearing running skirts dash from the starting line. Behind them, guys pile in together, jogging in place on their toes, ready for their turn.

Three minutes later – POW! The gun goes off again and this time the men begin their run.

It sounds a little archaic, but it’s all in good fun. The Skirt Chaser 5K came to Raleigh Saturday.

Apparently, it’s one way to meet singles, because after the race was over, participants could hang out in a big tent by Hibernian and mingle. Singles were given a sticker to wear on their shorts, denoting interest in flirtation.

So there you go, ladies, run a 5K and then meet up with someone afterward.

I’m not sure sweaty and tired is the best time to drink a beer and meet a cute guy, but whatever moves you.