Citation Issued To: Suzanne Woodstock
Violation: Breaking New Relationship Rules No. 3 and 4
Civil Penalty: Living With Your Actions
Details of Violation: Suzanne was lying around with her three-week boyfriend, having one of those awesome new relationship pillow-talk-type conversations about everything random under the sun. Within the span of a few minutes, she dropped both recent ex’s names, violating new relationship rule No. 4. Rule No. 3 was violated at the same time when they discussed how things were going so far in their relationship.

Yes, your honor. I did it. I admit guilt. Is “major FAIL” a suitable defense?

One of the great things about dating your best guy friend is that he knows a lot about you.

One of the hazards of dating your best guy friend is that he knows a lot about you.

Kevin is one of the Knights to whom I bitched about my ex Darren, now known affectionately as The DoucheBag Who Couldn’t Man Up and Tell Me He Just Wasn’t Into Me. (DB for short.)  Kevin knows a lot of specifics about both my Triangle relationships.

So now, when telling stories of Triangle adventures, I can’t help but mention one of the two names. Before, it didn’t matter. Now, I think ahead while telling my stories. Will I have to name the reason I went to a few NC State football games or spent time at Dive Bar? Can I just say, “I’ve done that?” and leave it there?

With any new boyfriend, you try to avoid talking about your dating history unless necessary. No guy wants to hear about those who have traveled before him. He doesn’t want to know how many pairs of jeans you’ve discarded along the way or the deets on each one.

The problem is, because he’s one of my best friends, I like that we talk about everything. Heck, I’ve got him reading my blog now and I talked to him about this post. He said he tries not to tell all on his past, assuming I don’t want to know. (Amusing: I’d kind of like to know some of it.)

If not careful, am I going overshare my way into singledom?

When it comes to transitioning friend to boyfriend, is there a line? Should there be? Or this is a different case altogether?