On Monday I mused on the rules of paying for dating. A day later a friend of mine told me she once dated a guy for a month because she was hungry. She was earning a paltry $18K at her first post-collegiate gig and simply did not have enough money for rent, bills and food.

“He kept asking me out and we went out to dinner,” she said. “So I kept saying yes.”

It took him a few weeks to make a move, but when he did, she dumped him. Today I asked my tweeps what they thought of this:

@ jillyk – haha. maybe i’d go out for a couple free meals but then i’d feel too guilty & awkward to continue.

@SingleGal ~ how much wine is involved?

@140lover – Ugh. I couldn’t. Had a date a few wks ago with a VERY wealthy man. Very smart & funny too. But icky in some ways. COULDN”T

@absentcanadian –  Absolutely not. Dating someone for money is just shy of prostitution

@darkheath- maybe I’m cynical, but I’m sure this happens way more than not.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I can’t say I’d ever date anyone just for the meals, but I didn’t blame my friend for doing so.