World Beer Festival

You want to know the secret for meeting guys? Here it is, free of charge.

You ready?

Go where they go, smile and have fun.

Wow, Suzanne, thanks! You’re so amazing. Glad you shared that with us!

I know, I know. You’re welcome. You don’t believe me, do you?

Get this: I went to Raleigh’s annual World Beer Festival Saturday held at Moore Square downtown, which had 300 beers for tasting. Men mingled everywhere. My guesstimate of the male-to-female ratio was about 100:1.

And of the women there, many looked like they were with a boyfriend/husband. Even if you don’t know the difference between a Heifervezein and an IPA, go sip on some suds at beerfest.

During the four hours, I wandered up and down the aisles, tasting away, and appreciating the flavors of beer and the flavors of men appreciating the flavors of beer. Most of them were 20-40s. Not all were attractive, of course, but many were. Many smiled at me as I wandered. A few came up to chat — nothing like a good ratio to help you stand out in the crowd. (I had to shoo them away since I was hanging out with my new guy.)

Step Two: Smile and have fun. Ask questions. If you demonstrate an interest in learning about lagers versus black malts, you just might get some guy’s attention. I’ve tried that trick in the past and it usually at least nets some interesting info, even if the guy’s a dud. You can take that info with you to impress the next one.

DO NOT: spend your time drinking PBR or asking where to get Bud Light. This will only get you eye rolls from the many refined beer drinkers out there. And from me, too. You don’t want to be THAT girl, do you?

I confess my powers of observation dwindled as the day danced on, but the most important thing about being single is to be out, having fun.

Men everywhere

Men everywhere

I definitely accomplished that this weekend, even if my laundry still isn’t done.

If you go:
Do: Wear something cute, but comfortable, especially shoes for walking among the tents. Take a few bucks cash for food to keep you from being the drunken girl who passes out under the tree.
Tickets: $40 plus online convenience fee.
When: Each spring in Raleigh or each fall in Durham. Last year, Durham’s was held at the Durham Bulls Park (new one) and it was awesome.